Monday, January 2, 2012

THIS GREAT THING HAPPENED!!! And What I Wish for in 2012

The Los Angeles Times published "How to Make Tamales" in the Sunday Opinion section on Dec. 11, 2011.

So happy!

2011 also resurrected my novel, now 86.7% complete (for the thirtieth time). I am also looking forward to the publication of my short story El Cholo in the fantastic Slice Literary Magazine Issue #10 (spring 2012). I closed out the year writing a new short story about Satanism and traumatic iritis and finding a really great book about cultivating carnivorous plants.

Goals for 2012: I want to stop having to cut the side seams of my pants because I can't afford to buy a wardrobe for my new body (thanks late-night writing snacktime ritual!) and I want to sell my book.
That's pretty much it.

And no, the world isn't going to end. But the world as you know it will.

(maned wolf)

HAPPY 2012!

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