Saturday, June 18, 2011

Things the Radio Taught Me on a Recent Commute to Work

  1. Matthew McConaughy is a spokesperson for beef. Apparently, this has been going on for a few years. It's not a joke.
  2. You can rent car rims at Easy Rims 4 Rent. Because "friends don't let friends drive stock".
  3. Rhinoceros are vatos. At least according to the San Diego Wild Animal Park ad where the urban rhino said things like "ese" and switched out the "y" for a "j" as in "jou all better come viseet thee Animal Park ese or my homiez will shank you with our horns." Just kidding. They didn't say that last part. 
I was going to spend all afternoon Googling the hell out of "rhino ad san diego radio" to add a link, but I have to put in at least 5 hours of solid writing time today so you are just going to have to trust me on that one.  Or was it hippos?

It takes at least 32 oz of coffee to burn off my AM fog. I ran out after Cup #1 so I took a stroll down to the neighborhood Salvadoran restaurant that has this really tasty coffee for a buck. It has a hint of canela and tastes kinda like cafe de olla without too much sweetness. It is good.

When I say "stroll down" it is because it is at the bottom of the steep hill where I live. It is a pleasant walk, birds and dogs and little kids being mean to each other. The walk back up the hill is always difficult, especially in flip flops. I thought about the novel and the chapters I have to fix. Then that nice thing happened when you see a scene in your head and, like a hovering video screen, you can place it in between the other chapters that already exist and it builds a stronger narrative bridge you can walk across toward the finish line. Then I stepped in dog shit. 

The mean kids laughed at me. The rest of the walk up, I yelled at some assholes in a Beemer that littered Capri Sun pouches from their car window (Capri Sun, the choice of hardcore G's). They pretended to screech to a stop like they were going to back up and pelt me with their Legos or something but then kept driving up the hill because they probably smelled me.

This is enough warm up. On Cup #3 and turning off the Internet.

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